summer 2017




Lunch 6-27-17

-Ham & Brie

-Savory Chicken Salad

-Rock Crab Roll

-challah melt - apricot preserves.brie.cucumber.spinach.local folks mustard.

-JB.L.T- jowl bacon blt, with tarragon aioli, heirloom tomato on toasted challah. .  

-Rail Burger - 2 juicy patties, cheddar, house pickles, lettuce, tomato, mayo.

-Pimento Rail Dog - 1/4# all beef dog, Cajun mustard pimento cheese, tomato, pickled relish 


-Lox - smoked salmon, poached egg, caper, onion, toasted cream cheese bagel, served over dressed greens. 



strawberry spinach salad-strawberry, cucumber, sunflower seeds, tulip tree nettle cheese, lemon poppyseed vin.

rail wedge-
baby romaine. roasted corn. bacon “crumbs”. heirloom
tomato.pickled okra. buttermilk blue cheese dressing.


-change daily!

We love to bring you something new and different each week. As seasons change, so will our menus.